Monday, January 28, 2013


Welcome to my blog. I am unfortunaty famous for forgetting log ins and passwords but this one i finally wrote down in my notebook that i keep my passwords in so i dont forget it and have to stop my blog. I used to have a blog called From Cristin To Mommy. I ended up losing that domain when i lost my credit card and cancelled it and forgot to call and give my new card number before it renewed. So i am just going to start fresh and hope this one sticks. I didnt end up documenting my pregnancy as much as i wanted or the first 2 years of Giada's life the way i had wanted too. Now she is almost 2 and i want to post as much as i can about her as well as my experiences as a mom, OCD, some of my couponing tips and meal plans, recipes, and hopefully one day i can get back into reviews and giveaways. I have more down time now then i did before so i should be able to stick to this blog the way i want too and can write during naps and down time and early morning and late nights.
I hope you follow and enjoy!!

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