Monday, February 25, 2013

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So here it is at 11:35pm on a monday night, little miss is sleeping and i am awake with too much on my mind like usual. I actually had the thought to write a blog last night about Soulmates. I was watching Sex & the City and the episode happened to be about soulmates. It got me thinking.. a lot.
Referring back to Sex & the City.. i always knew that Carrie and Big were meant to be together and somehow they ended up together and married in the end. But whenever i saw Carrie and Aiden together i thought they were meant to be together. I guess you really never know..

Now my thoughts on soulmates...
First of all.. where's mine???
But, with kidding aside.. a friend told me last night via my facebook status that a soulmate doesnt have to be a significant other. in my case, a guy. I always thought a soulmate is the "man" or "woman" that you are meant to be with. i guess that isn't true, although i would love to one day meet my soulmate.
So far in my life i thought that 3 guys were my soulmates.. well guess what.. i was wrong..
Let's take a little peak into my past..
When i was 18 there was  Tim.. he was 27 and so cute covered in tattoos and pierced, shaved head, in and out of jail, always in trouble.. pretty much what i was attracted too. I thought i was going to be with him forever blah blah blah and this so called relationship which was really just a drunkfest only lasted a couple months.
When i was 20 almost 21 i met Mark. He was in his early 30s. Tattooed, pierced, shaved head.. see something similiar here? We were together on and off for almost 2 years. He was always sick or in the hospital, getting in trouble ( yes i had a thing for guys who were bad wen i was younger) or something. I stuck by him through rehab and everything. So i thought i was going to be with him forever.. nope.. we split up and i found out years later that he had passed away..

Then there's the babies dad. We know mutual people obviously so i wont go into details but i thought that he was it, we were engaged and everything.. but here i sit at 28, 5 years after we met, a single mom, alone.

After speaking to a couple of friends i believe more that it isnt always the person you are with that is your soulmate. In a way i believe a couple of my friends are my soulmates.

To end i guess i have to say maybe one day i will meet my soulmate, when i least expect it. But until then i have my friends that will always be there.

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