Monday, March 25, 2013


Sorry everyone for not really posting or being on much. I feel like Little Miss and i have been sick since January. This weather here is rediculous and we couldn't get rid of a cold. She has finally stopped waking up in the middle of thenight and having coughing fits. I hope those dont come back. I was feeling pretty much like a zombie for the past few weeks because i would stay up with her and then she would fall back asleep and i couldnt so i would be up for hours watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. (which is seriously my newest obsession and i can not get enough of it. i am already on season 3 and i watch it while she naps and after she goes to bed) I have posted a ton of old videos on the blog that i will be organizing at some point. i got them off of my old facebook that i want to try to delete soon. I haven't done nearly what i wanted to do with this blog but i do have some down time in the morning and at night after she is in bed so i am going to try to designate that time to blogging so i can really get back into it. My friend and i are working on getting my sisters old room cleaned up and fixed up for me and Little Miss to move into since my room is too small. I figured by next year i will be ready to have her in her own room but i plan on making her a little area with her crib and she will have her own space for now. So i plan on posting our progress on the blog. I am also going to be cleaning up the backyard so i cant set it up for her to play this summer and so we can spend time out there and grill and eat dinner. that's my favorite thing to do in the summer. I will share the progress of the yard as well. I am just waiting for the weather to get a little bit warmer so we can start. My other project this summer will be attempting to plant some herbs and vegetables above ground in clay pots, but i am asking around and doing research to see exactly how i need to go about that. I am very excited and i will of course be blogging about that as well. I have ideas for a lot of fun stuff to do with Little Miss this summer like aquarium, zoo, touch museum, free programs at the library, gymboree and so much more. And her 2nd birthday coming up next month already! She is almost 2 and i didnt document the first 2 years like i wanted too so i plan on posting about her as much as possible:) Also my couponing trips and i am hoping to get back into reviews and giveaways once i have followers and subscribers. I am looking forward to blogging so much more and i hope you will all enjoy!

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