Wednesday, August 28, 2013

i am back and staying..

i miss blogging terribly. i start then stop and start then stop. then i make a new blog with a new name and with a new idea and not keep up with it. nothing ever seems to stick. i wish i could have from cristin to mommy back but i will never be able to buy it back so i needed to start new. losing all of those followers was horrible. i love to blog and share things and i really miss doing reviews and giveaways. my past blogs were on their way to getting known and i would like to get back there again. i wrote a few posts on my other blog that i plan on copy and pasting over to this one and try to figure out how to delete all of the other ones. Life with Giada should be about life with my sweet 2 year old as well as my OCD and my cooking and baking and couponing, foodie adventures, thoughts about life, reviews and giveaways. please subscribe via emaill so you never miss a post!