Thursday, August 29, 2013

First Day of 123 Grow With Me

Today was the first day of "123 Grow with Me" at the library. It is a 5 week class for kids ages 1-3 and their caregivers. Little miss seemed to have a great time and i met and talked to a couple of moms and the guest speaker and i talked for a bit as well. There were tons of great toys that she seemed to enjoy. I went and sat with her before it was time to clean up and i held up a letter and asked her what it was and she knew. I was beyond shocked. I knew she would repeat the alphabet but i didn't know she knew visually what the letters were! She did it again tonight when i pointed a couple of letters out on her coloring book. She is such a sponge and it is so fun watching her grow and learn. I am looking forward to taking her back next week!

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